The mission of the Stafne Law Firm is to reform and correct our political system which is badly broken at this time. We will use all lawful means to promote a meaningful separation of powers and restore the checks and balances between the branches of the federal government as well as enhance the appropriate division of authority between the States and the federal government. We believe this will best promote the prosperity and freedoms of the American people as a whole.

The Stafne Law Firm believes that Congress with a mere 535 members is wholly inadequate to represent the 325,000,000 people in America. This current arrangement effectively leaves each US House Member with close to 750,000 people and each US Senators with 3,200,000 people on average. Districts this size leave each member with constituencies they cannot possibly represent while providing effective oversight for hundreds of Executive agencies and thousands of Federal Judges. This paltry representation simply cannot fulfil the duties the Constitution imposes upon Members of Congress create laws, declare wars, and protect the rights of citizens from their own government.

At this time, each member of Congress employs close to 100 assistants on average and most of the legislative work is delegated to them. They write most if not all the bills that are not drafted by lobbyists. They are also the primary, and in most cases only, point of contact that most citizens who do not donate large sums of money have to access the representative branch of government. The Founders never discussed or likely contemplated having unelected people serving those in Congress or acting as a buffer between the Constituents and the members of Congress.

Presently, only the large donors have meaningful access to the elected representatives. It would be more proper under the Constitution to convert these unelected employees into elected representatives in Congress representing smaller district and less people. This would eliminate their present anonymity and make them directly responsible to the people. This, like “term limits” (which the Supreme Court rejected) would increase the accountability of each House Member to the smaller number of people in each new district and thereby lessen House Members dependence on large donors to create false media images.

The Stafne Law Firm also believes the federal judicial department does not achieve the clear objectives of the judicial department contemplated by our Constitution. One of the key overarching problems is that legal problems are not resolved fairly. Generally it is the more powerful and financially endowed party that wins. We have a legal system, not a justice system and yet our founders clearly believed in justice for all.

Other problems that exist in the Judiciary which need to be addressed include: 1.) lack of availability of adequate representation for most people; 2.) judges routinely denying people their constitutional right to a jury trial; and 3.) lack of adequate oversight of other judge’s ethical conduct and the appearance of fairness of judicial proceedings.

The Mission of the Stafne Law Firm includes identifying and addressing the above identified societal problem socially, politically, and legally. Among the first issues the Stafne Law Firm intends to spotlight include the viability of judicial review is cases where the Supreme Court has expressed conflicting decisions on the meaning of a specific Constitutional provision and the other branches of Congress later clarify their view that the Supreme Court’s first interpretation of that provision was the correct one.

Further, the Stafne Law Firm intends to spotlight “lawyers” monopoly upon judging and the practice of law. Such a monopoly should not exist in a government created pursuant to the people’s sovereignty and not to benefit the ruling class.

Notice: The primary purpose of this website is to express the political, religious, social, spiritual and economic views and agenda of the Stafne Law Firm. Given the current unpredictability of case law nothing herein should be construed as guaranteeing or implying that the Stafne Law Firm can obtain favorable results in any court.