The focus of the Stafne Law Firm is to provide full spectrum advocacy with regard to matters involving courts overstepping their lawful bounds and policy-making powers. Full spectrum advocacy is an integration of strategies, methods and actions to achieve social, political and economic justice for individuals, communities and organizations.

Scott Stafne has limited the scope of his legal advocacy in the courts on behalf of private clients to disputes involving significant constitutional and land use issues.

Mr. Stafne also provides consulting services regarding legal, social, political and economic disputes, issues, and strategies. Except with regard to Stafne Law Firm’s mediation/modification program related to foreclosures, Mr. Stafne does not provide legal representation with regard to those matters about which he consults.

Mr. Stafne is also the Advocate for the Church of the Gardens. Under COG’s bylaws the Advocate may represent (or appoint others to represent) the Church and/or its members and/or those people COG was created to benefit in any governmental forum, including courts. Stafne’s legal representation as the Advocate is not limited to any type issue or forum but must be consistent with COG’s mission and statement of faith.

Notice: The primary purpose of this website is to express the political, religious, social, spiritual and economic views and agenda of the Stafne Law Firm. Given the current unpredictability of case law nothing herein should be construed as guaranteeing or implying that the Stafne Law Firm can obtain favorable results in any court.